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Vegan Shoe Care Kit

Vegan Shoe Care Kit

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Solari Milano's Vegan Shoe Care Kit is essential to protect your shoes and make them last longer. It is a made in Italy product.

Our Vegan Shoe Care Kit includes:

  • 1 Water-Repellant spray: eco-friendly, water-based and solvent-free spray for both vegan suede and formal vegan dress shoes. It can be sprayed either on the soles or the upper of the shoe and needs 12-24 hours dry-up. It will the make your shoes temporarily water-proof.
  • 1 Detergent spray: Solari Milano's biogradable vegan spray will help you wash and clean up suede and vegan dress shoes. It can be sprayed to the upper or the lining of you vegan shoes. We suggest to use it in combination with our cloth.
  • Cloth: use Solari Milano's cloth smoothly on the shoe with either water or with our vegan sprays to remove excess dirt.
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Table Size

Solari Milano vegan shoes have a slightly larger fit than conventional shoes. If you usually wear a half size, we recommend a smaller size.

Shoe Care

You can find out all the details about taking care of your SOLARI shoes at the following link: SHOE CARE

Further questions

For any further questions regarding fit or other issues, do not hesitate to contact us by email at or you can chat with us live.