Solari Milano shoes are vegan, sustainable, Italian-made and cruelty-free.
We make them from plant-based, organic, environmentally sustainable and recyclable materials.

Beauty and sustainability combined with maximum comfort and durability.

A few tips to keep them
in perfect shape:

  • Shoehorn

    1. Use a classic shoehorn to prevent stress and damage to the shoe.

  • Shoetree

    2. When you are not wearing them, insert shoetrees. They maintain the shoe's shape and absorb moisture, softening the natural creases.

  • Soft Cloth

    3. Use a soft, clean, damp cloth to remove dust or other traces of dirt.
    You can also find it in our Solari Care Kit available for purchase.

  • Chemical Products

    4. Do not use chemical or beeswax-based products to clean the shoe.

  • Heat

    5. Do not leave the shoe near heat sources such as radiators, irons, fireplaces and ovens.

  • Resoling

    6. Solari Milano shoes can be resoled. The average lifespan of each pair of shoes depends on usage, how you walk and your weight.