Advantages and properties of Hemp fabrics

Hemp, a variety of applications

Thanks to the advantages and properties of hemp fabrics, societies have utilized hemp for a variety of applications. Hemp has been used in the construction industry, in the food industry, in cosmetics and medicines. And, of course, hemp has been utilised in the fashion industry . Ths is possible thanks to hemp's properties, which are also applicable to shoes: minimal water usage, low need for fertilizers and pesticides and minimal fabric's waste. Hemp is an eco-friendly material, a fact that might seem surprising when compared to, cotton fields, which requires large amounts of water and abundant pesticide use. Textile hemp is still used by many fashion brands following the sustainable and vegan fashion movement. Hemp is used in the production of bags, vegan shoes, wallets, and other fashion accessories.


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Properties of the Hemp Fiber

The vegetable fiber is extracted through a process that works on the fibrous outer part of the plant stem. This process results in a fiber that is hollow and hygroscopic by its nature. This creates a material that is both breathable and thermally insulating, meaning it stays warm in cold seasons and cool in hot seasons. However, the characteristics of hemp fiber go beyond this. Compared to other fabrics, hemp textiles provide greater robustness, wear resistance, softness, and water resistance. Additionally, they reflect ultraviolet rays, shield electromagnetic fields, are hypoallergenic and antiseptic, preventing bacterial proliferation.  They are also odor-resistant, making these fabrics excellent for hemp shoes.

Hemp in Footwear and Vegan Shoes

We expect vegan shoes made out of hemp to be breathable, visually appealing and water-resistant. Usually hemp is used for the upper materials or for the lining, but sometimes can be also found in the laces. Hemp fibers ensure maximum breathability and, in case of prolonged water contact, quick drying without loss of texture or color. Moreover, its intrinsic wear-resistance allows us to use our shoes for extended periods: for physical activity, intense workdays on the move, or simply for a stroll in the park. Whether used in sneakers or other shoes, hemp fiber is very versatile, yet it shares common characteristics: it keeps the foot dry, avoids odors, and bacterial proliferation. Hemp shoes are comfortable, reduce friction, and thus blister formation or other issues. Being a highly durable material, it is less prone to losing its shine or shape, thus resisting the wear and tear of time. And we all know that by prolonging the life of a product, we contribute to saving the planet. When it's time to replace hemp sneakers, the parts made out of hemp are also biodegradable.

The great durability of hemp fabric leads to a new consequence, very useful in the world of footwear production: it is straightforward to wash. The fabric's high resistance allows it to be worked and washed frequently without losing its texture or color. Shoes made of this material can be used very often without losing their shine or shape. An excellent alternative to washing is to leave hemp clothing outside for a night to "air out": this allows the fibers to regenerate, removing all unpleasant odors.


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