About Us

Solari's idea came up in 2020 with the aim to introduce high-quality classic Italian shoes blended with sustainable cruelty-free materials.  Because of the leather industry, too many animals die every day unnecessarily. 
After two years of R&D, endless prototypes and lab tests, we are ready to launch our first 100% vegan collection.
All our materials have been closely selected and tested, while saving animal lives sustainably. To do so, we have decided to keep our whole supply chain in Italy in a 250km radius, including production and material suppliers.
Our shoes are carefully handcrafted by high-end experienced artisans in southern Tuscany. 
We have partnered with shoe manufacturers with hundreds of years of experience combined to ensure that our production line meets the highest standards of quality. Our blake-stitched construction ensures years of durability and the ability for the shoes to be resoled.
Our uppers and lining have been selected based on tear strength, flexibility and durability performance from a PETA-approved supplier that imports non-GMO Corn from Eastern Europe and blends it with coating fabrics.
If you would like to know more about our background or have any other question, please email us at ciao.solari@gmail.com and we will be happy to assist you.